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It's been too long

2011-05-16 00:09:45 by RideroftheLightning

Damn, when was the last time Iposted something on to this website? Don't answer that, it's a retorical question. You know what? I think the answer is about a month. Well, I've been creating. I know it shouldn't take that long, but I have a song, that's actually worth listening to! If you don't know what I'm talking about, I only have two songs on this profile, and this is the only profile I have.
I've also been playing a little MineCraft. For those who don't know, MineCraft is a block based sandbox game developed by a guy named Notch. I've done some crazy shit with it (like turn my friend's house into a penis).
So that pretty much sums up what I've been doing.

It's been too long

Justin's beaver

2010-12-22 12:57:36 by RideroftheLightning

We all know who Justin Bieber is, unfortunately. Some 14 year old kid from Canada. But why do we hate him? Because he's Canadian? Because he's taking all our woman? He sounds like a woman? Why is his voice so high in the first place? Having choir, I know that voice ranges lowest to highest bass, tenor, soprano, alto, and ten octaves higher than that, you will see Justin Bieber. I have three explainations for his origins.
1. He's really a pedophile who uses helium to make his voice squeeckier, so he can sing and get girls.
2. When he fell in love with a girl, she said "Sorry I'm not a lesbian" and he was like "Baby, baby, baby" and he got a sex change
3. He's like Benjamen Button, where he was born old and grows young.

Enter Sandman

2010-12-19 20:12:13 by RideroftheLightning

I kinda need some sleep right now. I tried every thing from Ambien to Ritalin, and from Crack to LSD. I even injected myself with horse tranquilizer. Nothing is putting me to sleep. I know a few insomniacs, but I'm not one of them. I feel really tired, especially after last night's head bang. Plus my parents are coming over in a few days, and I'm to tired to get ready. So I need a sleep aid really fast. I heard that in some indigenous African tribes, they'd use guano as a sleep aid, but so far, all it's done was give me bad breath. Milk I've tried, turkey, I've tried, ribs I've tried. Now I'm short, fat, and tired. Someone help meni90opl,.